VENTE A REMERE. A term used in Louisiana, which signifies a sale made reserving a right to the seller to repurchase the property gold by returning the price paid for it.

2. The time during which a repurchase may be made cannot exceed ten years, and if by the agreement it so exceed, it shall be reduced to ten years. The time fixed for redemption must be strictly adhered to and cannot be enlarged by the judge, nor exercised afterwards. Code 1545-1549.

3. The following is an instance, of a vente a remere. A sells to B, for the purpose of securing B against endorsement, with a clause that "whenever A should relieve B from such endorsements, without B's, having recourse on the land, then B would reconvey the same to A, for A's own use." This is a vente a remere, and until A releases B from his endorsements, the property is B's, and forms no part of A's estate. 7 N. S. 278. See 1 N. S. 528; 3 L. R. 153; 4 L. R. 142; Troplong, Vente, ch. 6; 6 Toull. p. 257.