REDDENDUM, contracts. A word used substantively, and is that clause in a deed by which the grantor reserves something new to himself out of that which he granted before, and thus usually follows the tenendum, and is generally in these words "yielding and paying."

2. In every good reddendum or reservation, these things must concur; namely, 1. It must be apt words. 2, It must be of some other thing issuing or coming out of the thing granted, and not a part of the thing itself, nor of something issuing out of another thing. 3. It must be of such thing on which the grantor may resort to distrain 4. It must be made to one of the grantors and not to a stranger to the deed. Vid 2 Bl. Com. 299; Co. Litt. 47; Touchs 80; Cruise, Dig. tit. 32, c. 24, s. 1; Dane' Ab. Index, h. t.