YEAR AND DAY. This period of time is particularly recognized in the law. For example, when a judgment is reversed, a party, notwithstanding the lapse of time mentioned in the statute of limitations pending that action, may commence a fresh action within a year and a day of such reversal; 3 Chitty, Pract. 107; again, after a year and a day have elapsed from the day of signing a judgment, no execution can be issued until the judgment shall have been revived by scire facias. Id. Bac. Ab. Execution, H; Tidd, Pr. 1103.

2. In Scotland, it has been decided that in computing the term, the year and day is to be reckoned, not by the number of days which go to make up a year, but by the return of the day of the next year that bears the same denomination. 1 Bell's Com. 721, 5th edit.; 2 Stair, 842. See Bac. Ab. Descent, I 3; Ersk. Princ. B. 1, t. 6, n. 22.